Chargers of Old


I can finally be at peace with my team and smile tonight.  Although I wasn't able to watch the game live, the highlights and reading all about it were enough to give me some good thoughts of the Chargers.  I was constantly asking for updates from the pilots while sitting in the jumpseat on the way home tonight and they gladly obliged.  We weren't really playing like last year's team, but at least Rivers was able to utilize his throwing abilities and prove once again that he's the QB of our future.  Gates had a big game and that alone is a good sign.  I really hope that LT gets more rushing TDs and more chances for bigger runs.  With Nick Hardwick back, it shouldn't be that hard to get more space down the center!  Merriman had his sack today and it just seemed like things got back together.  Thanks for winning guys.  I really think that the underlying conspiracy is to hide our awesomeness from the New England Patriots.  San Diego has a plan and the next few teams won't know what hit them!  I'm just really excited for the next game now.  Let's go CHARGERS!!!