Waking Up to a Broken Aircraft

After getting to bed around 12:00AM an then waking up around 5:30AM for a relaxing start to my day, I got dressed, dily-dalied a little bit and then ended up strolling downstairs for some early breakfast.  A really relaxing way to start out in the morning, but when we arrived at the aircraft to begin some first flight of the day tests, the captain noticed that the Cargo Firex Standby Light was not illuminating during the bottle test.  So, what does that mean?  It means that we cannot continue on this flight with baggage in the cargo bay.  This stems from a ValueJet "AirTran" accident that had  a cargo fire and ended up blowing up in the sky.  What are we forced to do now?  I have no idea, but I do know that I'm not really getting paid for the time that I'm spending just sitting here in the aircraft blogging.  I'm not connected to any internet service either so this is one of those post later type deals. 

Maybe all these maintenance issues comes from the fact that my captain will be leaving for Northwest ina couple of days.  I don't know how many pilots I have flown with that have ends up leaving the company but its like everyone that flies with me gets some goo karma and moves on or maybe its just that i scare them away!  :-)