Flight Benefits No More

As of December 4th, 2007, Delta and Atlantic Southeast Airlines have terminated their previous non-revenue agreement and have embarked upon a bumpy, unfriendly to all employee change to their reservation system.  My first of many stories I'm sure, but here goes.

My friend and I went down to Daytona Beach, Florida to get our first class medicals by a gentleman of the name Dr. Robert Kurrle M.D., who by they way is really friendly and thorough.  We were on different flights out of Atlanta to Daytona Beach but we wound end up being on the same return flight back to Atlanta.  Because we would begin paying $5.00 per leg and approximately 1 cent or so every time we non-revved (which is a fee compared to free in the previous agreement), we decided that we should both list on the jumpseat.  I went ahead first and got listed and then Matt followed suit but was then told that he was kicked back to S3C "Non-Rev" status.  That definitely surprised us as it seems to allude to the fact that he might have to pay for this leg back!  It's quite ridiculous that other airlines can ride free using "jumpseat" privileges, but we can't because we are ASA?  There was another gentleman riding but he was non-ASA and he was rolled back from jumpseat to S4C and didn't have to pay!

I could be jumping to conclusions but its not the same friendly system that we once had.  Our parents, significant others and dependants are still "free" on ASA, but on mainline Delta and other Delta Connection Carriers, Skywest Inc. has agreed to some bogus deal where we would have to begin paying..  Where is the reason to be a pilot?  We have lost our flying privileges, the ease of going through security without having to wear our uniforms, let alone not going at all before, the prestige that the uniform once held and the pay rates that the Delta pilots use to get or the entire industry for that matter!?  It's definitely no wonder our younger generations are not at all enticed by this career.  Next summer should prove to have many more canceled flights due to crew shortages.  We have approximately the same number of pilots here as when I started, but I have already moved up half way up the First Officer List.  Everyone is leaving!

Update: We contacted our ALPA representative and he said that they have been trying to work out those kinks, but because we have a PPR number, we are rolled back to non-rev rather than just jumpseat.  So, in other words,  WE HAVE TO PAY!!!  Tell me again why?  I think that I need to go international.