Next-Gen DVDs: Advantage, Sony

bluray_wb I'm not at all bias because I own a PS3, but I've always thought of Blu-ray to be a little more triumphant even after all its short comings.  I just hope that the latest news of Warner Brothers choosing sides in the beginning of next year will make Michael Bay and Paramount cry because of their support of the latter.  It's just ridiculous how much the HD-DVD camp paid to have the exclusive rights.  Now, its Warner Bros. who are playing hooky and are trying to lure as much money as they can from either format.  In the end, its definitely the consumers who lose out buying into one format and just hoping that it'll prevail.  Wasn't it nice when we just had DVDs on the shelves and nothing else? 

Until the Blu-ray camp can put out a low cost device, it'll be a while before more people end up picking up a player.  Thanks to the price drop of the PS3, more and more people have been bought into the idea of a 2 in 1 where the Xbox 360 requires an add-on which by the way is now only $129. 

BusinessWeek released an article yesterday late afternoon concerning the latest in the format wars.  Next-Gen DVDs: Advantage, Sony

image provided by Gizmodo