6 Guys and a Little Lady

We finally have a picture of all of us that live in the Atlanta Crashpad. 

Picture 001

We have a nice little family and it was nice to finally get a picture.   It's too bad that we never had one of the original bunch.  This is already the second generation of housemates.  We lost two guys (one to SkyWest and the other bought a house with his wife down in Grantville, GA) and gained a wife.  In the photo starting with the back row from left to right is: Manoj, Justin and Myself then in the front from left to right is Lindsay, Matthew, Eric and Michael. 

The dynamic is quite awesome and I wish that I was around more to enjoy everyone's character.  I live in a loft on the second floor which is quite spacious, but without walls.  It's fine really just either really hot in the summer or cold in the winter.  Because I commute from San Diego, I haven't been spending that much time there at all and this weekend ended up being a blast. 

Last night consisted of many drinks into the early morning followed by yet another night (tonight) going out for drinks in Buckhead.  Good times guys!  Tomorrow will pretty much entail watching football all afternoon so that should be fun as well.  Go Chargers!!!