Hotel Internet

Well, I'm at an awesome overnight but it's too late to do anything and I have to duty in really early in the morning, so that leave me with chilling in the room.  Of course, being an Embassy Suite Hotel, I'm forced to pay $9.95 per 24 hours for access.  It's a bunch of bull I tell ya!  Why isn't wireless internet, cable internet, or anything else for that matter free?  Why hasn't free internet access been included with the "hotel criteria" for airline crews?  We are so dependant on the internet and personal computers these days that's its just savage.  =)  I'm updating this via my mobile phone's connection to my computer which is at 115.2 Kbps. For those out there, its about 2 times modem speeds.  Not fun but at least its something. is currently revamping its website and I have been tasked to complete tagging and categorizing a bunch of past posts.  I was able to complete 16% of the project this afternoon and was hoping to do a little more, but now its just too slow! 

I can't study nor can I do anything that requires a broadband connection.  Oh well, time to sign off and go to sleep.