Snowing in Atlanta!!!

After a really long day of flying and losing $200 on craps last night in Harrahs' Omaha, I came back to the crashpad and it started snowing!!!  Check out the pix.  All this snow fell within 1 hour of each other.Photo_011608_008Photo_011608_005

Okay, so it might not have been that much snow but it's the most that I have seen ever falling at once. It was so nice and calming. I just wish that my girlfriend was here to enjoy the moment with me. 

I also ended up heading out to a local bar called Bonz in off of Fairburn Road.  They had an awesome Triple Play Hamburger which was basically three different kinds of melted cheeses.  It was tremendous.  I'm probably staying here in Atlanta this weekend to rest and clean up all the stuff that I moved back from Daytona. 

Justin just told me about the Sundance Film Festival this weekend in Salt Lake so I might just hit that up.  Sounds like fun!