Two Weeks

It's been about two weeks since my last post and that's due to the overwhelming amount of studying that I've been having to do for my proficiency check.  Of course that went well as I'm still flying happily on the line.  I also went back to San Diego to hang out with Adelle where we watched Jumper and Definitely, Maybe. 

I liked them both as Jumper was a different kind of theory that I really haven't been exposed and found the concept interesting.  They definitely left it open for a sequel which I may or may not see.  Definitely, Maybe was just an all around feel good movie but it's not something that you can go watch over and over again.  It was a little too predictable but still romantic. 

I'm back in Atlanta for 4 days of 8-hour a day class work that's called Recurrent Ground Training.  Both the PC and RGT happens once a year at most airlines and its my turn!  It's kind of crazy as it all puts it in perspective that we are really celebrating our one year anniversary here in Atlanta. 

There are quite a bit of merger rumors lately and we have no idea how its going to affect anyone, but I just hope that people come out of both sides with smiles and hope.  It's such a negative industry that anything can just trigger a mud slide of emotion and disgruntle-ness.  Oh well...

I haven't been able to write lately either for due to the fact that my hotels that I've been staying in are charging for Internet service!  It's an outrage!  I thought that it would be easy to write more articles this year, but its only getting harder as my work times are more sporadic and just with all these qualifying events happening, it doesn't look good.  Let's see what kind of news I can dig up.  There's been a lot for sure like all the unlimited plans that all the main carriers have released!  It's about time a price war starts in the mobile phone industry.