4 Days of Training Over!

It's been a crazy two weeks of training here at ASA.  While celebrating my first year anniversary at my first official flying job, I knew that it would be time to undergo what every pilot goes through at least once every year for the rest of his career.  It was just the beginning and I have to admit that it wasn't even that bad. 

For many of the those who do not know, all pilots throughout the airline industry undergo what's called Recurrent Ground Training and Proficiency Checks at least once every year with another type of training every 6 months ranging from Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFTs) or Line Checks once you're a captain.  What does this all mean?  Our job is on the line every year as we need to pass all these tests or risk having to go back through training.  We also have to maintain first class medical which entails routine doctor visit every 6 months.  All this with only making $19K my first year.  I'm looking forward to making $30K now baby!!!

Now, I have one day off followed by a two day trip, then I'm off for three days.  I think that might work on my taxes or something.  I also have A LOT of filing to do as all my mail piled up over the last 6 months. 

I'll be posting my March schedule shortly and I'm off for 20 days!!!  I have 17 days straight but of course, one of those weeks is Adelle's spring break so we're going to try to find something to do.  Either hang out around the US or maybe even head out to Europe or South America.  I have no idea yet.  Traveling is just so expensive these days with how much the dollar has fallen.  It's going to be an awesome month of March!!!