trelijah link and April Schedule

Two new things to the site:  1) I have received my final schedule for April and just posted the results accordingly.  ( and 2) Even though I have been updating my mobile blog, I never posted a direct link to it when I migrated from Blogger to WordPress.  Why?  I left it out because I was trying to just integrate the uploading of pictures here on the main page and gave up.  So, instead of having one page, I'm forced to have two again, one with pictures from my Treo 755p which can get updated readily and one that has the rest of the story.  I'm sitting at Barnes and Nobles in Mira Mesa studying on some Federal Aviation Regulations and reading the Aeronautical Information Manual like a good pilot should do everyone now and then when I ran into a high school friend whom I haven't seen since.  Who would have thought?  =)  But she gave me a book entitled: The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn.  Summarizing it in one sentence, it describes the secret of joyful giving.  (that's what the cover says anyways)  I just started reading it and will tell you how it goes in the next few logs. 

Onto tonight event:  A friend of mine and his girlfriend is coming to meet up with me, so in order to expand my table of 2, I asked a gentleman if I may borrow his chair and he straight-up said no.  At first I thought that he was kidding but then he went ahead and said "F88K off!"  I was a little dumbfounded and shocked by his response but then a kinder younger man immediately offered his.  He too was shocked as I found out later when he approached me and asked if what he heard was the same thing.  He's still sitting just one table to my left diagonal with a face as red as a tomato and an empty chair across from him.  He also denied another female asking if they can use the empty chair, but he left out the obscenity.  I hope that the guy has a good rest of night and that his troubles don't get him into any situation.  I'm just shocked at the response you know?  He's also reading a hooters magazine and some other guys magazines perusing through the pictures.  

Photo_032708_002Here he is!  It's the guy in the blue jacket.  Do you know him?