Skype Offers Beta Software for Mobile Phones

skype_logo Further enhancing their Internet communication presence, Skype released a beta version of their mobile "thin" client targeted toward Java-enabled devices.  Skype Mobile is available for download on varying handsets from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson with more to follow in the coming months.  There are two ways to install the client: over the air directly to your phone or download to your computer subsequently transferring it to your device.  Further instructions are available at

iskoot_logo If your phone is part of the other manufactures column, then check out iSkoot.  Their FREE mobile software delivers all that Skype has to offer on your mobile handset.  I've been using it for sometime now and I have to admit that it does have some quirks, but if you need to have Skype now, then this is the right software for you. 

Features of the beta set include chat, group chat, presence as well as receiving calls from Skype users and calls made with SkypeIn.  Other features that have yet to be available here in the United States are Skype-to-Skype and SkypeOut calls from mobile handsets.  If you are lucky and live in the initial seven supported countries of Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, then these features are open for you to take advantage of. 

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