When opportunities knock, how can you tell which door it's actually coming from.  I mean, imagine yourself walking down the hallway of life and you hear a loud bang... where is it resonating from?  I came up with a great visual (in mind at least) of the phrase "Home Stretch" and in doing so, am posing a question to you out there.   It's your turn at bat, you swing with all the HGH induced body mass you can conjure up and starting running assuming the whole while that you might have just hit a home run.  Now, as you round first, you notice that one of the best outfielders, who is nicknamed Air Jordon, is getting ready to jump and make the catch but there is a possibility that he might not make the ESPN Top Ten plays and miss it by an inch. Obviously in corresponding with the fact that you are on the "Home Stretch" are you really even home free knowing that it's still not up to you...knowing that you're running around the bases could all be for naught, do you just pause and watch?  What can you do?  WHEN DO YOU KNOW YOU'RE DONE?!?!