4 Day Trips vs 3 Day Trips

You ever have the feeling that you should be done with work that day but then you end up at a hotel again?  Well, let me try to put it in another perspective.  It's the feeling you get after sleeping for 3 hours on a 6 hour plane ride to only wake up with 3 hours left!  It never ends!  I'm lucky that I have a great crew this trip and that the days aren't that bad.  I've also been playing quite a bit on my new toy so that's occupying quite a bit of time. 

It was a little depressing having to fly on my birthday, but what can you do?  A friend of mine told me that she has birthday leave which is hard to believe because I don't think we get that here in the US.  I'm definitely jealous. 

I'm heading home once again to San Diego only to be tasked with moving a bit of furniture from one house to the other as well but at least it will all come to an end soon.  Which reminds me...