August Update

So the family is finally moved back (75%) to the house which I loved in Rancho Penasquitos and while that's all great, my schedule for August has changed dramatically.  I loaded the end of the month with all the trips from the following week giving me another week off in San Diego to help tidy things up.  You have to love the oppurtunity of Open Time that allows you to swap things around.  All of this just means that I won't be coming back for the rest of the month, or at least might not come back due to the tight squeeze in commuting.  If you are around the SoCal area, hit me up.  I'll be around till next Sunday, August 10th.  CYA! Quick notes:  driving back and forth to downtown at around 2200 last night was fun, eating pizza on a curb on 5th with some old friends sure brought back some memories, the padres lost to the giants again, I got two free shirts at the game 1 from from Scripps (thanks Adelle) and the other from the Padres giveaway.  I'll post pics of a deal-e-o that ended my night rather early thus the driving back and forth multiple times.

Update: Here are the pictures that I promised.  It's House vs. 26' U-Haul!  U-Haul won hands down!