After another one and half weeks of shifting around life, I find myself pulling an all nighter in Springfield, Missouri playing around trying to turn on my stupid iPhone 3G.  Because of the hassle, I wake up.  To no avail, I'm forced to schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar so that they could issue me a new one and or diagnose my problems.  It's more than just a hassle but not having the utility of a phone is quite a handicap.  Of course while waiting forever for the boot cycle, I reorganize, got into cleaning and putting things in order and felt a lot better.  When I say a lot, I mean exponentially better!

I'm finally able beginning to find the ground that I need in order to function on the high that I want to stay on and as long as I keep that in the back of my head, I could be much more useful and quite the go getter.  I hate having the feeling of restless sleep, endless seconds upon seconds and the boringness that sometimes over shadows and clouds my thoughts.  The fact that grays surround my thoughts shouldn't hamper my potential, but the blessings that envelop me should provide the fuel alone to keep on charging 110%.  Here's to the beginning of September.