Happy 2012!

Last year, around this same time, I posted some line items of what I wanted to accomplish in 2011.  The biggest accomplishment was running the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and finishing.  I also finished the Miami Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon this past December! (but I still have yet to blog about that one)  I hit a PR for the 10K and actually a "life" goal of running one in under an hour at the 2011 Great Cow Harbor Race!.  Once again, I didn't properly train for either runs, so that also led to me just signing up for the sprint distance in the San Diego Tri-Rock.  Unfortunately, cycling was almost absent in 2011 and blogging was getting tiresome.  I'm still having a hard time differentiating elijahnicolas.com and adellelijah.com and it's slowly getting there...I think.  I did begin eating "healthier and less" but at the start of the holidays, I tanked.  I'm now officially the heaviest I've ever been.  Yes, I still fit into all my clothes but I'm not the lean 165 lbs. I will be. So, bottom line, I'm going to lose 25 lbs by year-end.  Shoot, I want a summer beach body darnit!  I'm also running the 2012 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Ful Marathon again with a simple goal of 4:30 and WILL train for that bad boy.  Here's to 2012!!!