A Kindle I want to Touch

On the heels of Nokia & Microsoft's event, not the mention the Motorola event that followed the same afternoon, Jeff Bezos and his team unveiled an onslaught of brand new Kindle devices.  Ranging from the updated $69 K5 to the high-end LTE 4G 8.9" Kindle FIre HD, Amazon has spread their net wide across the already Kindle dominated ecosystem. I have been an avid fan of the Kindle ecosystem starting with the 3G Kindle Keyboard then purchasing a $79 K4 for myself.  Great devices all around with one thing lacking; a light.  The $99 Kindle Touch was initially on my wish list but due to poor reviews which mention a raised border and a slow response, I found that the twenty dollars wasn't worth it. Since then, I've enjoyed the Kindle 4 since its introduction and have bought it for some friends!

With the introduction of four new Kindle platforms and two sub offerings, I am confident that the Paperwhite WiFi with ads will be the clear winner priced at an amazing $119.  I'll have a review once it comes in as well as an unboxing.

For now, the Paperwhite is touting a higher resolution and contrast, an 8 week battery life and finally, a built-in patented backlight. I can't wait! Also, if you click on the image or my link for the Kindle Paperwhite, it will help support my site. Thanks!

Remember to pre-order one now before September 15 if you live in California because that's when the tax-free ride disappears!