Will Houston be Linning?

Who knows what the 2012 NBA season will bring? Can the defending champs make it two in a row or will the newly constructed Lakers give the Heat a run for their money. Of course, there's always Oak City being thrown in the mix and with Derrick Rose back, the Bulls should once again be a formidable threat. Those are the obvious questions but in Houston and New York, the off season trade of Jeremy Lin will finally show it's colors. We all love a happy endings and this one entails the Knicks forgetting to check their egos. Realistically, all I'm looking for is a great performance from Jeremy and his new team. Post season hopes would just be icing on the cake but you all know I'm rooting for the Lakers! GQ Contributor Will Leitch weighs in with an interview in the November issue.

You can make a strong argument that Lin is better off without the Knicks' dysfunction, that the franchise never deserved him anyway. As a Knicks fan, it's not one I particularly enjoy making, but I think it's true.

I was fortunate to watch Jeremy Lin live when he scored a game winning three pointer and I have to say, the excitement in the away arena was palpable! With my good friends Jojo and Marella recently moving to Houston, I have a perfect excuse to go visit and watch another live game! And no, I don't already own a Rockets jersey... yet.