University of California San Diego at the Top

If you didn't know this by now, I recommend that you take a look at the rankings for Colleges / National Universities specifically Washington Monthly's ranking system. It takes into consideration various attributes that include social mobility, research and service instead of the exclusivity, campus amenities and waiting lists.  Coincidently, the Obama Administration is proposing a new ranking system on just that.

...he says schools should be scored on things like the cost of tuition, loan debt and how much graduates end up earning.

For more in-depth, you should read or listen to NPR's Michel Martin insightful interview with editor-in-chief Paul Glastris.  As some of you who are reading this, take this list into consideration as you or your child begins the application process or looking this fall.

My wife and I are proud alums of the number one school. Chalk one up for yet another top ten San Diego! Maybe it time for that tatoo of Geisel Library? Stay classy!

Geisel Library

Here's an excerpt:

MARTIN: But the University of California at San Diego ranks number one. Now why is that?

GLASTRIS: That's the fourth year in a row for that school. They do an outstanding job on all three of our metrics. A large portion of their student body is on Pell Grants. They graduate those students at higher-than-expected rates. They do great on service and they're a research powerhouse. In fact, there's a - about half the top 15 schools are University of California schools.

via Washington Monthly