10 Seconds of Fame for Theodolite Creator Craig Hunter

A beautiful app gets it's 10 seconds of fame during Apple's Keynote this past October 22nd. You can read Craig Hunter's reaction to the awesomeness here. If you're an architect or engineer, this app is for you!

I imagine every developer sees these videos and hopes their app shows up; I know I always have. But in this case, something felt different. In addition to the usual feel-good stuff Apple always shows, they were demonstrating serious uses of the iPad, in settings ranging from medical to industrial, to hard-core sports and the outdoors. A couple minutes into the video, I was shocked to see my signature app, Theodolite HD, being used atop the Great Wall of China as an iPad user surveys the mountain scenery and architecture around him. Wow!

Theodolite (iPhone, iPod touch) and Theodolite HD (iPad, iPad mini) are augmented reality navigation apps that overlay information about position, altitude, bearing, inclination, range, and other geographical data on the device's live camera image, creating a sophisticated viewfinder (the name "theodolite" comes from a centuries-old surveying instrument that has become a "go-to" device for all types of land, sea, air, and space measurements; Lewis and Clark famously took one along while exploring the American West).

Theodolite iPhone