Did you know there are plenty of "Other" Sriracha brands?

I'm all about trying something new when it comes to condiments. I guess with the impending slow down of shipments from the famous Huy Fong Foods, I'll give Thai Sriracha Sauce by Shark a try. Unlike it's popular US counterpart, this one is made in Thailand. It's on Amazon too!

But there are two sides to the story. Some folks (myself included) find that the Huy Fong version—the one that is almost synonymous with sriracha*—is geared toward the palates of American chili-heads who prize heat above all else, rather than the more balanced sweet-hot-sour balance that the Thai original goes for. Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker is a famous detractor of the stuff, preferring Shark brand, a more traditional made-in-Thailand version.

Shark Sriracha Sauce