Timing Your Mac Usage

Have you ever wanted to know what the heck you're spending all your time on the computer doing? Now you can track what applications, website, etc are taking most of your time. I'm hoping to use 'Timing' to increase my productivity.

Timing automatically tracks which documents you are editing, which applications you use, and the domains of the websites you visit. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to start or stop a timer again - there are none! It's all done in the background!

For the next couple of days, you can purchase Timing by Thomas Osthege and Daniel Alm at 50% off! If you don't trust my recommendation, then check out the free version, Timing lite, which only allows you to show todays' and yesterdays' data. But seriously, at $4.99, there's nothing to complain about! For a full list of apps that can be tracked with Timing, refer to the FAQ.

thomas osthege