What's on your breakfast table?

I'm merely highlighting a paragraph that clearly says it all. One of my goals when Norah could start eating more foods was to introduce her to new cheeses every week / month together and explore that world. I can't wait to expand her palette even more.  If you continue and read through the NY Times article, it's quite amazing the variety that other cultures present as compared to us here in the United States.

I love the part of Toyo / Bangus Tocho.

It is only through repeated exposure and mimicry that toddlers adjust to new tastes — breakfast instead of, say, dinner. That we don’t put pickle relish on waffles or eat Honey Bunches of Oats for supper are rules of culture, not of nature. As children grow, their palates continue to be shaped by the food environment they were born into (as well as by the savvy marketers of sugar cereals who advertise directly to the 10-and-under set and their tired parents). This early enculturation means a child in the Philippines might happily consume garlic fried rice topped with dried and salted fish called tuyo at 6 in the morning, while many American kids would balk at such a meal (even at dinnertime). We learn to be disgusted, just as we learn to want a second helping.