Hilarious All About That Bass Parody!

Parodies aren't often that funny but YouTuber and ex-Canadian Idol Mikey Bustos hit it on the spot with his take on Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass". Not sure if my American friends will get this video but it shows a part of the Philippines that I enjoyed when I visited. Its also one of the less photographed per se as everyone usually just posts pictures of beaches and white sands. Check it out!

The Filipino palengke is a place where you can do and buy anything you like. Craftsmen, food vendors, butchers, barbers, repairmen, tailor, and much more can be found at the palengke. I go to the palangke each morning!

Bustos also posted a video about circumcision to the tune of Sam Smith's "Stay with Me" and his previous hit to Frozen's "Let It Go". Just hit up his YouTube channel and you'll be in for a few laughs.