UK's New Proposed Internet Bill is Wrought with Crazy

From Independent:

iPhones the include a messaging programme called iMessage which would likely fall under the provisions in the bill banning “strong” end-to-end encryption of messages.

The proposed law, to be published in its full draft from on Wednesday by the Home Secretary Theresa May, will mandate internet and technology companies to hand over communications data on request.

Published in BBC:

In urgent situations, such as when someone's life is in danger or there is a unique opportunity to gather critical intelligence, the home secretary would have the power to approve an interception warrant without immediate judicial approval.

The judges would also be able to refer serious errors to an outside tribunal which could then decide to tell the individual their data has been illegally collected.

The bill also proposes:

Making the Wilson doctrine - preventing surveillance of Parliamentarians' communications - law

Placing a legal duty on British companies to help law enforcement agencies hack devices to acquire information if it is reasonably practical to do so

Edward Snowden has chimmed in and we already know what Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said. All in all, I hope this doesn't happen. You'd hope that the government, especially the U.K., who was voted in by the people, would know better. Here's a guide to the U.S.'s CISPA and all the other bills that the US have passed or have tried to pass in the name "security."