Razer's Blade Is Tempting

In a lot of ways, the Razer Blade is almost like the MacBook Pro that Apple should have made: the latest powerful hardware, both USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C jack, an HDMI port, and a proper black color, rather than the slate gray Touch Bar models. And it supports VR, which no Apple machine, laptop or desktop, is certified for (although the Blade still can’t charge over USB-C, using a legacy barrel port to actually charge the battery).

If it wasn't for Windows, I would have happily bought a Razer Blade already. The specs obliterate Apple's latest and newest MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar. Granted the mess of ports and not being able to charge via USB-C on the Blade is silly and a disappointment but it's still an awesome machine.

Bottom line: I've been contemplating making the switch back, but I'd miss too much of the daily apps I use on my MacBook Air. #ecosystem