iPad 2018: Basic but Proficeint

There isn’t a single viable competitor to the iPad. It is the only good tablet for less than four or five hundred bucks. So, if nothing else, I’m thankful that it’s as good as it is.

There really isn't and if you're still wondering to Pro or not...

I think, for the vast majority of people, the cheaper iPad is the better choice. Unless you know for sure that you are going to be able to use the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement (and are very adept at the ins and outs of how iOS works), just get the cheaper one.

... and the official Apple Newsroom Article here. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade from my iPad mini 1. For the kids. But then again, I'm thinking the Pro at 2x the price might be worth the A10X (vs the A10) and the Stereo Four Speakers (vs 2) along with the Smart Keyboard Connector, Fully Laminated/True Tone/Wide Color 10.5" Display (vs 9.7") , and TouchID 2.