Mike Rowe on Safe Spaces

While addressing an individual’s question regarding girls in Boy Scouts, Mike Rowe brought up the bigger picture. I encourage you to read the whole article. And once again, the troops are NOT going to be sharing tents or even be in the same Dens. Educate first. I, for one, would love my girls to be Eagle Scouts and “live” in the wilderness.

As we all know, in 1974, a chipped tooth or a black eye didn’t lead to lawsuit, and today, I’m pretty sure a boxing ring and a trip to the shooting range would make a lot of parents…uncomfortable. But that’s exactly the point. In a world that values safety above everything else, discomfort is never welcome. Neither is risk. And yet, discomfort and risk are precisely why my time in Scouting was so valuable, and why Troop 16 was the polar opposite of a safe space.