The New Nomatic Zipper!!!

So I guess it's maybe time to change out my Brenthaven bag which may or not be able to be repaired due to failrure of the front pocket zipper. After months of agonizing between Nomatic, Peak Design, Brown Buffalo, 5.11+ and watching all of the Chase Reeves I can get, which, according to my kids apparently is not enough, with Nomatic releasing the updated materials, give me a few weeks... I'll let you know what I do.

  • straight-stitch canvas to give the bags the more minimalist design
  • more scratch resistant via tougher carbonite-coated 6PM tarpaulin
  • YKK Zippers
  • removed the two bottom zippers for more security
  • new interior material is higher quality
  • added hypalon belt loops
  • new stronger chest strap

Of course, you can get the previous version for $30 less but I always recommend the latest and greatest.