Can You Guess Which "New Car to Avoid" Came in First?

BMW’s flagship sedan seems to have lost its edge in recent years. It’s wrapped in languid styling and just doesn’t feel as sporty as it did in earlier renditions; an odd product lineup includes an expensive and not especially efficient gas-electric hybrid model. Consumer Reports takes the 7 Series to task for being “a ponderous, technology-laden vehicle with ungainly handling,” and is included in the publication’s lists of lowest-scoring cars, worst overall values and most expensive operating costs in its class. Not to pile on, but it also gets a rock-bottom resale value rating from ALG and a below average performance score from J.D. Power.

I'll admit that it was great owning an E66 (2008 BMW 750Li), but damn if I owned it past it's warranty and into the 100k mile range. They don't build them like they use to and never mind the amount of electrical glitches, failures and mishaps that can happen! I love their cars but my 5 series has proved to be too costly to maintain. When is enough enough?