Republicans Getting Bought

A look at eight of the country’s largest providers, as well as five of the trade groups that signed a letter in January in favor of overturning the rules, show that in the last six years, they gave a total of at least $1,726,288 to those 22 senators — an average of more than half a million dollars per election cycle.

Idiots. We should probably harvest their internet browsing history and share it with their constituents. Idiots. It's our political system and if this isn't a form of corruption, I don't know what is.

via 9to5mac

New York AG Sides with the Consumers Against Time Warner Cable

“When connecting wirelessly,” Schneiderman writes, “subscribers on the 300 Mbps plan typically received 15% of the promised speed; subscribers on the 200 Mbps plan received 20% of the promised speed; subscribers on the 100 Mbps plan received 39% of the promised speed; and subscribers on the 50 Mbps plan received 58% of the promised speed.”

To use the analogy of a public water main, Spectrum promised customers gallons of water and then knowingly leased them a faucet that was only able to produce drops at a time.

Now, I hope our new FCC Chairman does one better and goes after these telecom companies for the sake of all US Citizens. One can only hope.