Buy an MTA Card for $19.05 or $22.30 after March 22nd, Trust Me

Getting settled into the NYC life on reserve, you tend to have a lot of time to search and Google things. Toss in little bit of Yelp and various recommendations, it's easy to become inundated with awesomeness. But let's start off with a life little "hack." More specifically, don't give the MTA more money than you have to (leaving cash on a card) and load up a card with $19.05 or $22.30 after March 22, 2015.

Three quick options. But wait a minute. One button leaves you with the same $9.45 card, and gives a remainder of $1.95 after just three uses. The next one is even more frustrating: you end up with a $19.95 card, leaving a remainder after 7 uses of $2.45! That's right, the nickel we were talking about earlier. The last option does not leave you much better off. You'll get a $40.95 card, which leads to $0.95 on your card after you use 16 rides. So all three buttons presented leave quite a bit of "insufficient fare" on the card.

via I Quant NY

Now I just have to calculate how much to load on my card to zero it out since I was ignorant to this awesome information.