Are You Excited for a $400 Hair Dryer?

The heat that comes out of a hair dryer, as anyone who uses one knows, is both what dries your hair and damages it. Your typical drugstore hair dryer likely has settings for hot, warm, and cold air; when on hot, heat can climb past what’s thought to be ideal for drying hair, and into temperatures that fry and damage hair cuticles. During testing, the engineers used thermal cameras to watch how prototype hair dryers dispensed heat over strands, and over time. In practice, the final Supersonic has heat sensors built in next to the airflow jets that will take the air’s temperature 20 times per second, and send that data to a built-in microprocessor. If temperatures rise too much, the Supersonic can level itself out. All of this is powered by a V9—a newer, smaller version of Dyson’s prized digital motors.

Sounds awesome but is it worth the price of 20 $20 Conair Salon hairdryers?