Leasing with Uber Can Be Downright Expensive

After dropping $250 up front for her lease of a 2015 Honda Civic, she pays $160 a week to Xchange. If she keeps the car for the full three-year term, she'll ending up paying Uber $25,210. The Kelley Blue Book fair purchase price for a new 2015 Honda Civic SE in Los Angeles is $18,142. Schmitt said that she'll need to pay Uber another $5,000 or so to buy the car if she wants to keep it at the end of her lease.

If this is your only option due to a low credit score, this is your chance to get into a new Toyota automobile. But, and that's a huge BUT, I'd definitely recommend seeing what the dealership can do for you first because they do advertise lease rates at a quarter than what Uber charges.