The Summer Ant Problem

On Monday, I made a trip to H-Mart in search for some Cronuts.  When I arrived, they had sold out and apparently are selling out within an hour of baking.  So instead, I bought a large assortment of pastries from Paris Baguette Cafe and looked forward to a delightful tasting with my wife when she got home from work.  After I put our daughter to bed, I came back downstairs to see that the ants already started the party.  To date, the ants have infested our family room dining table treats and are up 2-0.  I was livid and our for revenge!  The kicker is that I didn't even sample anything from the box as I anticipated a fun dinner. I looked up "ant killer" on Amazon and found Terro.  With just under 600 reviews and 4.5 stars on average, I was ready to buy but I needed something now.  We are subscribers to Amazon Prime, and love it, but it's was still two days away.  I went to the local grocery store and bought some Raid Ant traps.  The reviews on Amazon are sub par and in actuality pretty poor.  I was on a full on war so I ended up buying both.

The Raid solution cost me $8 while the Terro came in under $7.  I ordered the Terro on Amazon on Tuesday and it came next day!!!  Unbelievable service and I am truly impressed more and more by Amazon.  If I would have known, I might have forgone the extra money I spend on the useless Raid trap.

Within seconds, and I mean maybe 10 seconds, the ants were all over the Terro package.  The response was tremendous!  Continually throughout the day, it kept on attracting everybody while the Raid was the lonely child left in the cafeteria.  I'm giving it 5 stars!  Solid five stars!