Apple Is Lagging Once Again in TV

That lists the major players in the market, and demonstrates where Apple sits in the price list. The only company selling an HD-only streaming media device above $50 is Apple. The only company selling a steaming media device without HDR above $90 is Apple.

There is no way to justify spending $150 to enter Appleā€™s TV ecosystem in the fall of 2016 on hardware alone. When Google is making a streaming UHD HDR player that costs LESS than a replacement Siri Remote, there is a problem with the hardware Apple is selling.

Maybe Apple should just buy Tivo instead of launching the TV App without Netflix integration. At least, Tivo got it right in content search. And yes, even I am surprised that we don't own an Apple TV in ANY iteration. If you care to know, we love our Tivo Roamio, Amazon Fire Stick and our six year old Samsung LED Television along with Sony's PS4. These devices cover our streaming needs exceptionally well.