Two Day Whirlwind Tour (part 1)

Waking up at 5:00AM after a goodnight of just hanging out in a Cancun Spring Break like scene, we got ready and headed downstairs to a cab waiting to take us to the Israel / Egypt Border.  Once there, we proceeded to clear one side onto the other without any problem but once we were at the Egyptian side, our passports did not contain the proper visas to go to Cairo.  They sent us back in a midst of confusion, as we really couldn't communicate.  Walking back to the Israeli side, the guards called us back as the tour DSC04669ambassador showed up with the proper papers to process us through.  I got a cool looking Egyptian Visa, boarded up a minivan like vehicle and took off.  It was the three of us, Bobby, Donna and myself along with our bus driver, and a personal guard strapped with a H&K Full Automatic MP5. 

DSC04671The 5 hour journey began.  I couldn't sleep for most of the ride due to the weak suspension of the vehicle coupled with the badly paved roads, but eventually we ended up meeting our tour guide at the Egyptian Museum in Downtown Cairo.  There really wasn't that much to see as we crossed the Sinai Peninsula.  Just barren desert, random construction sites as grand canyon like geography.

We had a good lunch and got to know our personal tour guide asking him a handful of questions.  We then proceeded to the Egyptian Museum where he loaded us up with knowledge of everything that was contained in that building.  It was albeit overwhelming / wrong timing especially after a 5 hour van ride.  Structuring it in a different order might have been better.  Also having us rush on the decision to take part in either a Dinner on the Nile River Cruise, Laser Light Show at the Pyramids or Camel riding at Sunset didn't go well with us.  We decided to not add anymore expenses to the already $360 tour + $60 for border crossing fee that we incurred earlier that morning and call it a night with dinner at the hotel.  It definitely wasn't a 4 star place as we were told but it would have to do. 

The Next Couple of Posts

Now that I have a great trip experience to write about, I'll definitely be posting a lot more in the next couple of days.  To sum it up here and now, I expired my last allowed paid vacation from my company this past weekend.  I decided to take a trip to Israel which happened to include a last minute 2-day trip to Cairo.  With that, I now have the remaining year to move all my trips around for larger breaks in between days of flying and maybe might be able to take another trip somewhere on the other side of the world.  Stay tuned for a nice post tonight on the first part of my 4 part journal entry.  Maybe it might just be 3 parts, but we'll see... =)