I just finished the task of updating all the assignments that I had for I'm now very tired, but here goes for a quick summary of the day: I woke up around 4:15AM this morning after only have 3 hours of some deep sleep, but of course it wasn't enough. Flew for 6.5 hours for a total duty day of 9.5, ended up in Chattanooga, TN where I had some pretty good Mexican Food. Im' staying at the Wingate by Wyndham which had a happy hour downstairs, but the wings and beer wasn't anything that I felt like consuming at the time. It was free, and free is always good, but I needed meal.

The flight to CHA is about 21 minutes in flight, so things go by really quick. By the time you level off at 16000', you end up coming back down almost immediately and set up for a quick approach. We also had a new hire who was on Jumpseat IOE and it was cool to show him around a little bit on a walk around and go through the loads of paperwork that you get to deal with as an FO. They never teach you the stuff in training. It was just cool to know that I'm just a little ahead of the curve to look like I know what I'm doing. :-)

I enjoyed helping him out a bit and I'm sure that he'll do fine. It kind of peaked my interest though to know that I feel good about the job that have. I'm still waiting for my first big second year check to come in on the 15th, but till then, I'll keep my chin up because my view will always be better than yours except for if you're stationed on the International Space Station!