WiFi Tablet or LTE Enabled Tablet, Now the SAME Price!

T-Mobile has been truly living up to its latest marketing campaign of being the "Un-carrier" launching Operation Tablet Freedom today. In part 2 of 3 in a barrage of promotions, you can now head on over to T-Mobile and expect to save the $100 to $130 for an LTE enabled tablet. Now, you don't have to decided whether or not it's worth it to go for the cellular enabled tablet because WiFi or LTE, they're the same price! Tmobile lte tablet

Beginning April 12th, customers can get nearly 1.2 GB of free 4G LTE data every month through 2014 on America's fastest nationwide LTE network.

Have a T-Mobile voice plan? Bring, buy or trade in a tablet and get:

  • Up to 1GB FREE 4G LTE data per month through 2014
  • PLUS up to 200 MB FREE monthly 4G LTE data for as long as you own your tablet
  • Existing T-Mobile voice plan customers: Get our 1GB plan FREE after a $10 credit

And for further clarification, you'll still have the ability to take advantage of their 100% free 200MB data plan on the LTE enabled tablet that is owned and registered with T-Mobile once the calendar turns 2015. And you're still unsure about your T-Mobile coverage, head on over to their awesome map!