Motortrend First Drive of the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300

Mercedes has stepped up the E’s semiautonomous game quite well. The system is called Drive Pilot, and here are the big bullet points: The E300 can follow the car in front of it at up to 130 mph. As long as the lanes are clearly marked, you can keep your hands off the wheel. Every now and then a graphic will pop up telling you to grab the wheel, but you can just lightly brush one of the two thumb buttons on the steering wheel, and the car will keep driving forward hands-free. While Drive Pilot is engaged, you can hit the turn signal to change lanes in either direction. Once you’re in the lane you want, just cancel the turn signal. In the States the system uses GPS to automatically adjust for posted speed limits, though you can override that (i.e. speed) by pushing up on the cruise control stalk.

This is a design and interior feature I can agree on! In this case, maybe when I make captain again this would prove to be a comfortable "airport" car as a certified pre-owned vehicle. Cheers to the new E-Class W213!