Interesting Tidbits

Surfing around the web today, I came across a couple of interesting sites. 

Health: Avoid These 9 Worst Food in America by Lifehacker

It's always just interesting to read about the various foods that are out on the market.  One of my friends recommended that I check out the Men's Health's website that is dedicated to what to eat and what not to eat conveniently called, "Eat This, Not That!"  It has quite a few interesting comparisons.  One that I was a little shocked by was the listing of 15 Secret Restaurant Swaps where they compared the McDonald's Big Mac to the Burger King Whopped with Cheese.  Guess what?  You're better off eating at McDonald's.  (I'm not sure if that's with or without the secret sauce but if you are trying to lose some weight, cfachargrilledclubI'm sure that you are better off without it.)  Oh yeah, Chick-fil-A was the only A+ on their list of fast food chains being that they don't have any one sandwich cross the 500 calorie mark.  That's of course if you don't add on the awesome tasting special honey BBQ sauce on top of your Chargrilled Chicken Club with bacon personal favorite!

Another neat thing that I found after getting annoyed by not being able to read the Wall Street Articles in their entirety was a Firefox add-on that enables you to spoof a website such as  Directions and more details can be found at the link provided below.  Now, I'm able to peruse the WSJ without having to pay!!!   I just cut and pasted the directions here.  You could just also skip it and go directly the the link below for the full article. 

Remember that the Journal is set up to disarm its pay gate if it thinks you're coming from Google News or Digg. In order to get free access, then, you've got to convince the Journal that you've clicked on a link on one of those sites. How to do that?

The technical name for this is "referer spoofing" (with the misspelling). Spoofing is an easy thing to pull off in Firefox -- all you've got to do is download this add-on, refspoof.

Now follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • In the refspoof toolbar's "spoof:" field, type ""
  • Also in the refspoof toolbar, click the R icon, and select "static referrer."
  • That's it. Click around the site; the WSJ thinks each click is coming from Digg. The WSJ is now yours for free!

wsjpaperHere's the link that I promised if you want to read the whole article. 

The Wall Street Journal's Web site is already (secretly) free by Machinist at


Leave a comment below on what are some of your interesting sites for the day!