With all these sales going on, I bet 'You Need A Budget'

Today is the last day to take advantage of the fabulous app, "You Need a Budget" at 50% off! Buying software this "cheap" that helps save, realize and create a surplus of cash… What more do I have to say? Don't take it for me, try them out for free for 34 days but seriously, what's $30 in the scheme of things when it'll help create that budget that you've always wanted. It's available for either PC or Mac, so everyone one of you can take advantage of this great offer. As of this post, you have 10 hours left!

And one more thing, if you buy YNAB now using any of my links, then you'll also get an additional $6.00 bringing the price down to $24.00!!! Leave a comment when and if you buy it! Let's start saving and spending wiser together!

You Need a Budget

I can't wait to jump into 2014 with YNAB in my pocket! That said, they also have an amazing companion app for iOS or Android. If you're not yet ready, you can always listen to their great podcast or follow their blog.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just like them a lot.