Wanna Save Your iPhone Battery?

This is not one of those "Turn off every useful feature of iOS" posts that grinds my gears. My goal is to deliver practical steps to truly solve your iOS battery woes.

One quick thing before we start — 99.9% of the time it is not actually iOS that is causing your battery to drain quickly. I guarantee you that if you erased your phone and there were no apps or email on it, it would last for ages. But, no one uses their device like that, nor should they. Hopefully with these steps you will be living in iOS battery bliss while still using all the apps and features you love.

I will be reformatting my iPhone 5 again and start fresh with iOS 7.1. A few weeks ago, I installed iOS 7 which did posses amazing battery life, but after I started installing a few of the hundreds of apps that I use, my battery would eventually only last half a day! I'm going to have to start deducing what's really going on.

via OverThought by Scotty Loveless

Apple's new iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c

If you haven't been following the news of my twitter stream today, around 10AM Apple started its annual iPhone event.  You can read all about it on Apple's website but here are a few details.  The iPhone 5c is a colorful addition to the lineup with white, pink, yellow, blue and green while the 5s will be offered in silver, space gray and the new gold. The biggest highlights come from the iPhone 5s debuting a new camera, dual LED flash, slow motion video at 120fps, and the new biometric Touch ID home button that can be used to purchase apps on the App Store and primarily  unlock your phone.  For the techies out there, it's also the first smartphone in the industry to have a 64-bit A7 processor making it 2x faster than the now defunct iPhone 5.  The 5c starts at $99 available for pre-order this Friday while the 5s can be ordered starting on the 20th.  At $199, you'll have to chose between a 16GB iPhone 5s with all those new features of the 32GB iPhone 5c.  Which one will you go with?

If you want a thorough update on what's new on the iPhones, check out 9to5mac.  You can also find both iPhone 5s videos on Apple's website here.

iPhone 5s and 5c