WordPress & the Veritable Plethora of Plug-ins

phone-rev I just had to make a shout out and create a separate post on this awesome plug-in by BraveNewCode:WPTouch (Plug-In Website)/ WPtouch iPhone Theme (WordPress Plug-In Site)

WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch or Android touch mobile device. It comes complete with all the standard WordPress blog features: search, login, categories, tags, archives, photos & more. WPtouch also offers many customization features through a beautifully designed WordPress admin panel.

It's awesome as you can now visit simply elijahnicolas.com on your iPhone/iTouch/Android mobile device and load up a very friendly iPhone/iTouch/Android webpage.  Check it out, browse around and post a comment!

It was easy to activate as I don't feel the need to edit or do anything with it.  It's was way too simple as are many of the various plug-ins that are available on the WordPress Content Manager Platform.  Of course, if you want to view my website in it's normal site appearance, there's an option in the footer courtesy of the app's awesome interface options.

rating: Perfect 10!!!