Drink More, Excercise More or Vice Versa

Past epidemiological studies have shown that people who exercise tend numerically also to be people who drink, and vice versa. In a typical study from 2001, for example, researchers found that men and women who qualified as moderate drinkers, meaning they downed about a drink a day, were twice as likely to exercise regularly as teetotalers.

Just in case you forgot, especially with all the news ot there, there's a link between the two and it's green for go, go go!!! Happy St. Patrick's Month!

A Perfect Drink

The thing about one drink — a glass of liquor we're talking about, hopefully a stiff pour — is that it doesn't involve enough alcohol to make anything stop working. Your eyesight, your natural grace, your moral compass — they're all left intact. Because one drink doesn't compromise anything. It enhances. You have one drink and your world becomes slightly better. The bar is a slightly better bar. Your dog is a slightly better dog. Your work is slightly more brilliant. And for that, you pay no price.

I completely agree. Had one drink last week with a friend at her favorte burger joint Minetta Tavern and it was perfection. Company and food also were very much copmlimentary. ^_^

I'll review the place later, but don't take my word for it. Check out their reviews on Yelp!. We split the Black Label Burger and Minetta Burger. Great choices all around. Maybe I'll do it up Bone Marrow style next time.

photo by  Lori L. via Yelp