iTunes and the Necessary Tune up

Jason Snell over at Macworld wrote a great article yesterday stating the obvious flaws with the current syncing nightmare that iTunes has become. Not only does it want to delete your apps, shuffle them around or hinder the user from an elegant solution, it crashes, is buggy and houses a rather large library consuming gigabytes upon gigabytes of hard drive space.  People all over the tech industry is in agreement and I've been known to call it the DLL hell of Apple.

He calls is for a time to simplify which entails creating separate distinct apps creating iOS apps, movies, music and syncing programs.  I'll agree and say that a syncing app would make sense but then why would I want to open up another application?  It seems "easy" enough to remove the syncing tab all together and create an app but the original picture was a set it and forget it method. In other words, one app to control all.  Would this strategy be going backwards in time?  Apple employees can't be happy with the current state of iTunes. What would you do?