Exposure & the Point

All I wanted for my "2012 iPad Story" was exposure.  It wasn't about self fulfillment, or advertising or anything of a self-centered nature.  I guess, all I wanted was for something good to come out of what happened to my wife and I.  (Is that self-centered) It still really hasn't hit me; that I'll be iPad-less for 2012 & ~$1700 more in debt with nothing to show.  I've had various responses ranging from a "ha-ha" to condolences.  Kind of a weird day all in all.  I mean, did I want sympathy?  Maybe just a touch, but more or less, it has made me really bitter and has gotten me to feel more negative about Miami and the world as a whole. I thought that I would get a lot of responses from blasting people on twitter, and I did get some good retweets, but nothing of fruition has come up.  Am I looking for a hand from the Apple God to replace what I purchased?!  Of course!  That might be a little self-centered, but it is just a drop in the bucket from their marketing department right?  Reading all the news about the new iPad and people's' experiences really just gets me more down and the commercials on television just really hit home that I don't have one.  I can't stand to watch one anymore nor am I excited to see it.  I haven't stepped foot in an Apple store since.

Things I have learned though: insurance companies depend on only other insurance companies pointing the finger to each other on who covers what.  Visa Signature doesn't cover theft from vehicle who then told me to call my car insurance.  Geico doesn't cover personal items who then told me to call my home owners, renters insurance and they are still "working" on it.

I guess people don't click on links on twitter either.  I got more hits from Facebook than anything else.  With URL shortening, I guess my link just looked like spam.  Thanks for the hits, the messages and comments.

Apple's Free Marketing?! updated: lost and not a hoax // Apple wants it back

Spanning over the last couple of days, two of my favorite tech blogs (Gizmodo / Engadget) released amazing images of what appears to be the next iPhone 4th Generation.  (I'm not going to refer to it as the iPhone 4G because I don't think that it is going to have a 4G chipset i.e. MircoSIM card slot or maybe that's what LTE is going to have)  Initially deemed to be real, then fake, now *definitely* real after a tear down revealing Apple logos in the internals, the weekend included people calling each other names, pointing out pictures from other forums, and tying this phone to a Japanese knock-off.  But the most blatant fact is that it happens to be recognized by iTunes.  Conveniently being remotely wiped by Apple when it was reported by the scared individual, I hope that this guy still has his job.  Although now I'm even thinking that it maybe was his job. I initially thought that there was only "one" lost iPhone 4th Generation but both blogs, I guess, are playing nice and sharing their spoils!?  The internet, particularly Techmeme, is all the buzz on iPhone 4G news and it's two months before the purported launch.  That's 60 days of free marketing and stock price adjustment!  Can anyone say amazing marketing scheme?!  It's all free, becoming viral and an exponential rate, and everyone knows that us tech pundits that haven't upgraded to the 3GS are eagerly & tirelessly waiting for a complete redesign since last year.  Of course the nerd, geeks, Apple fanboys, and dorks are going to be gobbling up all these good stories.  People at work today are going to be talking all about the good news.  Daring Fireball has even went on record stating that he does believe in fact that Apple has lost an iPhone.

The question here is who dropped this phone?  Was it really just an accident or a planned & amazing way to generate crazy excitement and hype?!  Did an exchange of money happen?  Viral explosion has definitely proven to be the best way of marketing on the internet.  Trending on twitter already for the last few days as well is creating a lot of buzz.  Even Jonathan Ive just reported via twitter "This isn't good" What really is going on lately with all the leaks at Apple?  If this leak was unintentional, I hope Steve Jobs doesn't go crazy or have a heart attack due to an increase in blood pressure.  I can imagine emergency meetings all over the Cupertino Offices right now.  On the other hand, I bet the guy that's tied to this phone is in Apple's dungeon getting some form of punishment.  All these stories in just the past few days are causing a frenzy and it's not going to stop until it's released!  It seems to be trumping all the iPad news but I guess in tech world, the Apple iPad is old news.  Coinciding with AT&T revoking any vacation for June, it's working out to bet a perfect media storm.  Everyone loves summer and I'm hoping that the "one more thing" is that it's going to be offered on Verizon!  Better yet, Sprint with it's $69.99 EVERYTHING plan!

(another story one about a Canadian Wireless Carrier claiming the iPhone 4th Gen in June)

update: Well, there we have it...the lost & stolen iPhone belonged to an Apple Software Engineer by the name of Gray Powell.  He happened to be drinking too many German Beers and the result: left his disguised iPhone at the bar.  I wish him well in the tech world. I'm sure he's famous now and can start his own blog too. (via @Gizmodo)

update2: Apple wants it's phone back. Gizmodo states that they didn't know it was stolen!? Seriously?! Here's the letter and the link! (via @Gizmodo)