Nurses Now have a 99.9% of Getting the Right Vein

Growing up around an amazing nurse, I remember stories my mother telling me of patients who were a "hard stick" but most of them were about how she had special skills (rigorous training in the Philippines) to get it done in one poke. When we would find ourselves at the doctors' office or hospital, she would be angered and mostly aggravated if the nurses would end up poking us multiple times causing severe bruising and inducing pain. Now with Evena Medical's new "Eyes-On" smart medical glasses, "x-ray vision" will help with just that. No more multiple stabs when getting blood drawn or an IV inserted which I'm sure some of you will be more than relieved. I know that my mom will have less of an issue when she watches her kids get poked multiple times by newbies. No offense to new nurses of course. =)

Here's a picture of the output of the x-ray vision along with the EMT/EMS goggles which also provide similar enhancements.

The Evena Medical device will allow the emergency personnel to see the vein and begin IV fluid administration even in the toughest of patients - the critically ill, the dehydrated, young children, and people that are obese and dark skinned.

Veins xray Emt ems goggles