Self Importance and the Pollution of I (part 1)

I had the beauty and privilege to witness the definition of "ego" during the last few months whether it was through me and my own thoughts and actions or through others.  These observations all stemming from examples of negativity and positivity both creating a better understanding of how it is to create a life of simplicity and minimalism. 

There are just too many examples to choose from but in general there are three things that I would recommend in order to achieve a lighter heart.  1) Everyday, make sure when you get angry at someone, ask yourself if it is even logical, unselfish, and why.  It definitely adds a tremendous amount of perspective to one's argument and being upset.  I've always suggested that stepping back and looking at the scenario from some else's viewpoint is the best thing to do.  If you look stupid, then change it up...become a better person.  2) Make sure the words that you speak, actions you show and try to accomplish not necessarily just benefit you but the others around you too.  There are many reasons why we do things but at the same time, we can kill two birds in one stone.  I'm all about making others happy and still believe that making other happy first create the realm in which your personal happiness and joy can be achieved.  And lastly, 3) Stay positive.  Just on physical aspects alone, it's harder to frown and stresses more muscles to be angry than to just smile.  When you do, as my dad always told me, "Son, don't just smile with your teeth, but use your eyes too."  It's works and even spreads like wild fire.  =)  Even chemically, your body enjoys the happy side of things.  You lower your blood pressure, ease the overall stress you induce on yourself and create a happier aura.  Surround yourself with it!

I really don't like to get into examples because pointing things out just means that you have 20/20 hindsight.  Besides making people bicker more isn't what I want to accomplish.  So, this ends part 1. 

Remember, make sure you take a step back, look at yourself and observe your actions through someone else (the act of being selfless) and make sure that you don't look like...oh forget it ASS you fool!  There I just said it!  Grow up and get with the program of life.  We are here to all benefit from each other and learn, so forgive, don't forget and just have fun!!!  Try surfing or something outdoorsy, but for geez sake, leave the house already and be fun!  I know that your definitely might not be the same as mine, but interacting with the outside world instead of always being engrossed in your own makes you a more diverse individual.  We make the world and grow together.  Not just you.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

p.s. the Pollution of I is borrowed from the full title, "Against the Pollution of the I (Paperback) by Jacques Lusseyran.  Read it as it is truly "eye opening."