Happy Dec. 1st!!

Christmas is almost here so if you haven't started your shopping then you better get going! The malls are going to be crazy for the net 24 days as we Americans charge up and max out our credit cards. I don't really want or need anything except maybe a voucher for 1 month's credit towards my loan payment! =) Just kidding. Here's an awesome video of some pwned-age of a child getting wrecked on a slide not once, but he goes back and tries for a second time. Enjoy and Happy Christmas!!!

Slide Owns Kid Twice - Watch more free videos

Online TV Viewing

Well, since flying, I've been missing quite a few of my shows broadcast on live TV, so I am reduced to watching them on my friend's Tivo / DVR, or via online at their perspective website.  Due to the Writer's Guild Strike, I've noticed that most of the shows I watch are slowly going into replay status.  It's definitely a good thing for me so that I don't waste more time being a human wasteland but back to the subject at hand.  I can't watch a single episode without commercials now.  I know that's how they are paid with ad revenue, but its starting to get annoying that you have to stream that crap.  It only adds a minute or three, but on the DVR, its all good.  Better yet, you can probably grab them off some torrent sites and watch a show thoroughly without interruption.  I really don't mind an opening commercial and maybe ending one, but have two in the middle of one break, its just as bad now.  I've gotten so use to fast forwarding them that when one is on, I end up browsing a website, researching some article or finding something to eat.  There are so many now whether on live TV or online, you just can't get away from them.  You got them on YouTube / Google Video, every page you view, its just all over the place.  I was just rather surprised that I ran into more than just one while catching up the latest episode of The Office

Oh yeah, I don't think that I posted the links to the World of Warcraft Commercials so head over there now and watch Mr. T and William Shatner share their characters with you!

[Warcraft Commercials via Gizmodo via Blizzard]